Wednesday, December 07, 2005

تقاضای کمک مالی برای آکهی در نیو یورک تایمزبرای اکبر گتجی

آکهی برای حمایت از ازادی اکبر گنچی 45000 دلار هزبه دارد 11و350 کم است لطفا از کمکهایتان دریغ تکنید

International Committee in Support of Akbar GanjiImportance:

HighDear all,I am writing to you on behalf of the International Committee in Support of Akbar Ganji to ask for your help. You have endorsed the appeal to Kofi Annan we published in a full-page ad in the New York Times (July 28, 2005, p. A11). Please see the note below and consider a generous donation. At this point we are still left with $11,350 short to cover the $45,000 fee for the ad.Please note that a friend and I had to deposit our own personal credit cards for the $25,000 prepayment and have been fund raising for the remaining sum. If we fail to complete the payment still due, I (who has signed thecontract) will be legally liable as we did not want to place the ISIS at risk for such a financial burden. Somebody had to take the financial risk in this case, otherwise our important action could not have taken place. We hope that other concerned colleagues like you (in the blind list) who have not yet contributed to this fundraising will join in helping us out with the payment of the remainder of the NYT debt through personal donations or/and by cooperating with our fundraising.Checks should be made to New York Times, G61618, and sent to the followingaddress:ISIS-CAIFc/o PSCC123 7th Ave.PMB#266Brooklyn, NY 11217Regards,Nayereh Tohidi


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