Thursday, December 01, 2005

Footballer's brother found guilty of killing black student

Footballer's brother found guilty of killing black student
London: The teenage brother of a British premiership football player was found guilty yesterday of murdering Anthony Walker, a black student hacked to death with an ice axe in what police said was a racist killing.
Michael Barton, 17, half-brother of Manchester City midfielder Joey Barton, had denied killing the 18-year-old college student in July near the northwestern city of Liverpool.
Walker's killing shocked the local community and attracted huge media attention, evoking memories of the 1993 high-profile racist killing of Stephen Lawrence in southeast London.
Both Lawrence and Walker were attacked as they waited at bus stops and both were strong students with high aspirations. Walker wanted to be a lawyer, Lawrence an architect.
Walker's mother Gee said outside the court she was satisfied with the verdict and would try to forgive her son's killers.
"At the point of death, Jesus said 'I forgive them because they don't know what they do.' I've got to forgive them," she told reporters.
The Walker family said Anthony had been killed because of the colour of his skin, a belief the police share.
Police said Walker was escorting his white girlfriend Louise Thompson, 17, to a bus stop when he was set upon by a group of youths.
The attack came minutes after he had been taunted with racist abuse.


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