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شیرین عبادی: حکم قتل من توسط مقامات صادر شده بود و درصورت ادامه قتل ها، نفر بعدی من بودم / دسامبر به ایران باز می گردم

شیرین عبادی: حکم قتل من توسط مقامات صادر شده بود و درصورت ادامه قتل ها، نفر بعدی من بودم /
دسامبر به ایران باز می گردم فکر می کنید به چه دلیلی فشارهای یاد شده اعمال می شود؟ آیا این تلاش ها برای این است که شما به ایران بازنگردید؟

مامورین وزارت اطلاعات وهرکس دیگری می دانند که من هرکاری که صلاح باشد انجام می دهم وهیچ کس نمی تواند مانع از برگشتن من به ایران بشود. من درجایی هستم که بتوانم مفید باشم. تا تشکیل مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل متحد یعنی تا ماه دسامبر من وظایفی در سازمان ملل متحد دارم که باید به انجام برسانم و بعد از آن هم به ایران خواهم رفت. هیچ مقامی حق ندارد طبق قانون مانع از ورود هیچ یک از شهروندان به خاک مملکت شود.


At Sunday, April 11, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sold-Out SOUL

We heard that the city of Toronto is blessed to have a renoun Nobel Prize Winner of Iranian root, Ms. EBADI for an event.

However, it is fair to examine the intention of organizers of this event when Ms. Ebadi, a sold out soul who calls the government of Iran and their elements as “My Bassij Brothers and Sisters”.

Examination should focus on who are the organizing committee behind this event:

a. An Infamous Iranian who is called a “Dalal” in his own community

b. An unknown non-Iranian who was the worst critic of Iranian community till yesterday.

Now suddenly they have become crusadesrs of peace and promoter of Iranian heritage. Why don’t they be honest and promote this event as a business event to make money from presence of a lecturer.

Why they are using the emotion and love of this community, specifically the level of excitment that has been built in this community since the Iranian presidential Election, to make money.

Why don’t be honest and announce that we have paid $12,000.00 to Ms. EBADI and they will pay another $10,000.00 to her, once the number of guests reaches 750 guests.

It is important for individuals who have commenced their email campaign for this event to look at the characters behind this event and their intentions before they associate their good names with this business adventure.

Have we heard anything from this committee that what Ms. Ebadi has to say?

Have we heard anything from this committee what is the plan with $100,000.00 that they possibly raise?

Have we heard anything from the committee that who are the members of this committee?

Have any of you been consulted on organizing this event?

It is not enough, because the lecturer is Ms. EBADI

It is simply this:

A non-Iranian organization with assistant of an oppotunist Iranian are taking advantage of the event and killing of our young generation on the street of Iran, taking advantage of wave of Neda, taking advantage of people of Iran dying in Iran’s prisons for their fight in pursue of freedom and democracy, taking the advantage of the emotion and togetherness of Iranian community of Greater Toronto to bring a Nobel Prize Winner and pay her $22,000.00 to her and to make this event a successful business advanture.

This is a business adventure and from it, Ms. Ebadi receives $22,000.00 and her Toronto organizermakes much more than that by fooling the Iranian community.

A word of wisdom to Ms. Ebadi:

Think wisely and do not ride the emotion of the Iranian and do not misuse your stature as Nobel Lauier and remeber topay your Income tax from this event to government of Canada.


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