Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Judge orders release of video of guard kicking homeless man in Ottawa police cells

OTTAWA —A judge has released a video that shows an Ottawa police special constable kicking a man will other officers dragged him into a jail cell.

The video of the kick so disturbed a judge that she blurted out "Jesus" while watching the recording during the trial of Terry Arthur Delay, 42, who had been charged with assaulting police. Those charges were stayed by the Crown.

The video played a role in two different criminal cases, both of which resulted in the staying of charges against people accused of assaulting police.

On Wednesday, Justice Richard Lajoie released the video, which had been entered as an exhibit in the trial of Stacy Bonds, a 27-year-old theatrical make-up artist who had charges of assaulting police stayed last month. Those charges were also stayed after a judge found she was unlawfully arrested and watched a different video of Morris kneeing Bonds in the leg before she was taken to the floor and her shirt and bra cut off by Sgt. Steve Desjourdy as three other male officers were present.


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