Friday, October 26, 2007

Sorbara quits cabinet

Sorbara quits cabinet

Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara (left) is seen speaking with Premier Dalton McGuinty in this Toronto Star file photo.

Shock decision leaves McGuinty, newly re-elected government reeling
Oct 26, 2007 02:55 PM Robert Benzie Queen's Park Bureau Chief
Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara stunned Premier Dalton McGuinty's newly re-elected government this afternoon by announcing that he no longer wants to sit in cabinet

Greg Sorbara was the man who broguth millions of dollars into the Ontario Liberal party after 2003 election since the party has so much debt.
the post was a kick back to SOrabra by the party.
Sorbara was the matermind of the slush fund that cost Mikle Cole's job as Immigration minister.
Sorbara and Liberal party were aware of lack of polpulariy of SOrbara , therefore during the 2007 el;ection the party kept Sorbara ob the back not to make any damage to the party images.
THe liberal were lucky for John Tories idea and policy who won the game.


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